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Advice on dating, relationships, finding your passion, parenting, entrepreneurship, building multi-generational wealth, life organization and so much more!

Meet me

About Me

Montana DeLeon

Ok, so who am I?   I’m just a woman who has a story like anyone else. My story just so happened to be a relatable one. I uploaded my story to YouTube of my trials and tribulations in life. With that transparency came others like me, with similar stories in the comment section.

My experience with being molested as a child, raped, physically abusive relationships, promiscuity, and the spark of a break up being the reason I began to change my life around and find Self-love and improve upon my character, values, and morals.

My YouTube channel began to grow the more I uploaded my experiences and how I overcame many personal
Issues in life to get to a healthier place mentally.

So here we are. So many people have come to me for advice on how to overcome life’s roadblocks as well and I give all my tips and tricks for free on my social media outlets. Sometimes people feel my social media isn’t enough and they need more personalized advice. So that’s the purpose of this website. I take time out of my busy life to give people one on one advice on their situations and together come up with solutions!

It’s been my passion for years to help people find their inner joy and inner peace.  I’ve found my.  Allow me to help you find yours.


Love always,


Need advice

Need Advice?

 My youtube channel is full of free advice, but if you're in need of more specific help, I offer one on one advisory session.


      Sessions are done on the telephone at an agreed upon time.  Rates are competitive at $1.00 per minute and done in 15 minute increments. 

Begin booking your appointment today. 

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.

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